November 10, 2007

Our Volunteer Staff

Joy Shannon
ULOAH Board Member and the Director of ULOAH’s Media and Arts Division.

An artist. A visionary. Born with a movie camera in one hand and a paint brush in the other. Believes that the planet will never be as good as it can be, until all dark people are as prosperous as they can be.

Vicki Hodges (aka “Ms. Vyk”)

Originally from the Bay Area and a graduate of Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee. Southern California has been her place of residence for the past seven years.

Vicki has always worked in the non-profit sector, primarily doing social service work over the past 25 years. In the past, Vicki served on the ULOAH Board of Directors as well as the NIA Board, which is a Northern California Black lesbian organization.

Favorite affirmations include: “Act As If,” “Think About, Bring About” and “With Each Sunrise We Start Anew.” Vicki was born in September and is a true Virgo Woman.

Breeze Vincinz
Web Designer

ULOAH's "honorary lesbian" has been a dedicated supporter of LGBT issues for over a decade from being one of the head facilitators of "Generation Q", a Chicago based youth LGBT organization, to being one of the main organizers of Soulful Salon, a black artists collective here in Los Angeles that supports the work of SGL artists. Breeze has also worked with At The Beach, In the Meantime Men's Group and My Life. My Style. as well as SGL artists Lillie Carol Russ and Dale Guy Madison.

Breeze has transformed the ULOAH website into quite an impressive online portfolio and has been one of our most ardent supporters over the years. He currently donates his time and resources in providing technical assistance and art direction to Sistah2Sistah.

The stu ART Collection

Our Featured Writer for our first issue

Ms. Laverne Brown (Missy)

Each issue we will give special thanks to a Contributing Writer. We picked Missy because she submitted works from the very beginning and she joined ULOAH! That means so much to us. She put pen to paper and wrote a check to become a ULOAH member! Thank you Missy. This is in her own words:

“My family and friends call me Missy, a nickname from my childhood days; wait a minute, I am still in my childhood days just on a different level. I enjoy reading, dancing at home, chatting with my friends and expanding my spirituality. My patio is one of the places I go to think and connect with God. I am owned by my two furbabies, Jazziboy and Brandigirl; one day I will share them with all of you. For now, enjoy the ride of my many adventures through my words.”


Special Thanks to:
Thank you to all of the fine writers and photographers who submitted their works! We need more! One day we hope to release the magazine monthly. Thank you to all of the women who we interviewed. We value your journey!

Finally, thank you to our readers. Write in and give us feedback. We want to improve. Submit your works. Join ULOAH.